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Smoking Accessories

Complete Guide to Smoking Accessories

For vapers who know their way around a vape shop, a common opinion persists that the vaping experience is best when you have the right accessories. Even if you are a cannabis user, then too the same principle applies. Recreational smoking of marijuana and other herbs is always enhanced when you make use of the right set of smoking accessories. Accessories are either add-ons or small components that support the use of the e-cigarette or conventional cigarette. The purpose of these add-ons could be to intensify the recreational value directly or indirectly. At least one of the following purposes has to be fulfilled:-

  • It should increase the efficiency of the cigarette or e-cigarette and simplify the smoking experience.
  • It should help in the cleaning and maintenance of the smoking device.
  • It should aid in the storage or give durability to the e-cigarette.
  • It should enhance the visual appeal of the smoking apparatus.
  • It should contribute to the smoking process and adds to the recreational value.

Probably a decade or two earlier, there were not many options to choose from in the accessories department. But today, the sheer variety of accessories available in vape stores and cigarette stores, be it in various shapes, sizes, designs or materials, often makes it confusing for a newbie. It is therefore important to choose the right store first.

Buying from the right place

While some accessories are functional, others are maintenance-centric and yet others add to the aesthetic appeal of the entire process. Some veteran smokers even keep themselves updated on the ‘stylish accessories’ that make their debut now and then. While some cannabis users are not very keen about these trends, others consider it as a passionate hobby and take pride in their latest accessories collection.

In case you are interested in creating your collection from scratch, then the most important part would be to choose the right vape shop. An increasing number of smokers and vaping enthusiasts today swear by the convenience of online vape shops. Online shopping of vaping devices and accessories is easier on your pocket as compared to in-store purchases. Amongst others, is one of the most popular online vape shops with a great variety of vaping/smoking equipment and accessories, suitable for all preferences and budgetary requirements.

Common Smoking Accessories          

Akin to how vape accessories like chargers, batteries, replacement coils, drip tips, replacement pods, empty bottle needle tips, and vape carrying cases are important for vapers, several accessories can be enlisted as ‘must-haves’ for smokers. Here’s a look at the most commonly used ones:-

  • Herb Grinder- This is a priority purchase for most cannabis users. It might appear easy, but crushing and mixing herbs can become really messy if you do not use a grinder. For one thing, the unpleasant odor and stickiness will not leave your fingers for a long time! A good herb grinder has an excellent set of teeth for fine grinding. If the herb mix is smooth and doesn’t have clumps, the burning is even and smoke hits are consistent for an enjoyable experience.
  • Storage Container for Herbs- Not only must the herb container be thick and non-permeable enough to block the odor of marijuana but also should be efficient enough not to allow the slightest moisture to seep in. A good storage container will keep your herbs fresh and flavorful, and keep your privacy intact by making sure others don’t get a whiff of it.
  • Lighter- While this may be the most basic requirement for any smoker, a lot of us tend to overlook its significance. Lighters could be disposable or non-disposable, gas or liquid-based, etc. There are even wind-resistant versions available nowadays.
  • Rolling Machines- Amongst the varieties of smoking accessories, this one has gained popularity only in the last couple of years. It is a simple device that eases out the process of rolling joints to a large extent. If you plan to buy this, do make sure that you buy suitable rolling paper and a good tray to keep the rolled joints. A tray is necessary to prevent a mess, and should ideally come with a separate small compartment for the stash, and a wide, flat area for joints.
  • Filter- Be it for a vaping device, e-cigarette or a joint of herbs, the importance of a small but significant component cannot be undermined. The filter helps in keeping the smoke or vapors free of any clumps or debris so that you don’t end up coughing incessantly!
  • Cleaning Solution- Depending on the material of your e-cigarette, vape pen, hookah, bong, or any other smoking/vaping device, the correct cleaning solution is needed to maintain it well in the long run. The most common materials are glass, stainless steel, pyrex, and plastic. All reputed vape stores have suitable cleaning agents for every material.

For some, smoking may be a recreational activity, but for others, it is a serious matter. Whatever may be your reason, make sure to enhance its value with the choice of right smoking accessories.

Top 5 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Slay Your Competition

Instagram Marketing

Businesses of both the types, established and growing, need to have an active social media handle. Goes without saying, there isn’t any social media marketing strategy that does not include Instagram.

With an active monthly user base that crosses more than 800 million individuals, Instagram also boasts about 500 million active profiles that are active on the platform on a daily basis. What might surprise business owners the most is that about 70 percent of Instagram hashtags are branded. 

If you are already using Instagram for social media marketing, good going. But there’s more you need to do. Having an Instagram account is just the beginning. There’s a lot more that goes into social media marketing.

To drive sales and direct traffic on your site, you need to get the most out of Instagram. So to get the desired revenue, here are the top 5 Instagram marketing tips that you can apply to enhance your business and brand.

  1. Start by increasing your follower base

To get the most out of Instagram, it is important to have a huge amount of followers. If you don’t have enough followers, your posts won’t have enough audience. Consequently, generating a good amount of sales without a strong following base can become really difficult.


For all those who are just starting out with Instagram, getting followers can appear as a daunting task. There’s nothing to be afraid of because until and unless you are a brand new company, you already will have a loyal customer base to follow you on this social media handle. 

  1. It is time to determine your audience

The second most important thing you need to understand is who are you trying to reach using Instagram marketing. For instance, the statistics that 68 percent of Instagram users are females will come in handy when you have a set target audience in mind. These facts can be further narrowed when you know that the majority of these women are below the age of 30.

determine your audience

After carrying out precise market research concerning your target demographic population, you will have an idea about the kind of content you should post. Furthermore, you can also determine the age, locality, gender, profession, and interests of your ideal target audience so that you know it for sure that you are targeting the right kind of people.   

The search for the right audience does not take long, and undoubtedly, it is a crucial step in directing your entire Instagram marketing strategy.

  1. Keep an eye out for your competitors

Analyzing the competitor’s content is as important as researching the interests of your target audience. When you are all set to create an Instagram base for your company, do a little research on what the giant established players are doing on this platform.


More importantly, identify what the big players, who share your field, are catering to their audience. Since you and they share the same target audience, here are a few things that you can consider:

  1. What is the competitor’s engagement rate?
  2. How do they respond to the comments?
  3. What time of hashtags are they using?
  4. What type of content do they usually post?
  5. What is their usual call to an action plan?

Going through your competitor’s page will help understand what strategies might work best for your company.

  1. Post content on a regular basis

Adding a post in the form of a picture or a video on your business handle once a month does not amount to an effective Instagram strategy. Truth be told, such a profile does not even appear as an active profile.

Your brand should be constant and fresh in the audience’s mind.

On the other hand, keep in mind that you don’t have to go all out and post 10 times a day because this can backfire. If your posts flood a user’s feed, your brand will be perceived as annoying, and chances are, he/she will unfollow your company in just a moment’s time.

Post content

 Ideally, you can post a single piece of content in a day. And if you have lots of stuff to share, you can add that content in your story.

Answering the question of how often should you post on Instagram, popular research suggests that top brands don’t post more than 1.5 times a day. This roughly comes up to 10 to 11 posts in a week. The timing is also very important, as top brands typically post content during the office hours of a normal workweek.    

  1. Don’t forget to track progress

The one thing that you must always keep in mind while using Instagram is that it involves a trial and error process. You are always testing and learning new things. Consequently, there is no point in sourcing time and people on content that does not serve the objective.

So while crafting an Instagram marketing strategy, make sure you have dedicated resources in place who can track your progress. Keeping a track of such important metrics will help you find out what content strategy and material works best for your business.

Strategies to Follow

The best tool you can use to track your plan is Insights by Instagram. Insights will give you an understanding of what’s working for you and what isn’t. If you require an advanced metric report of your Instagram performance, you can also hire the services of a good digital marketing agency to help you with it.

Parting words

Relying on your website for traffic isn’t enough so it is time for you to take advantage of other Indian marketing channels. And since Instagram is growing at an unstoppable rate, it has become mandatory to use this platform to drive sales and revenue for your company.